Our Goal for DesignYour.Org

Welcome to DesignYour.Org, a free service from 352 Media Group, an award-winning interactive development and Web design company. This site is dedicated to helping charities and non-profit organizations get online with a professionally-designed website with a robust, fully-functional content management system, all at no cost.

How is This Free?

I’m sure you’re wondering why this service is free. As a professional design agency, we are always getting requests to do pro-bono development work for non-profits. Although every request is as worthy as the next, we are forced to turn away many deserving organizations due to our time-constraints and workload.

We realized that, rather than donating our time to create a handful of websites for organizations like yours each year, we could focus that time towards creating this system which allows us to help an unlimited number of charities and non-profit groups. While the sites we’re offering are not completely custom, they are a big step up from the cookie-cutter template sites you’d pay for from a template website company or the ad-laden sites you’d be able to get for free. This system is a great way to build your online presence with a great-looking design. Plus, a full-featured Content Management system makes customization as simple as filling out a form online.

Website Features Include:

  • Your choice of a professional design layout from our library, with new designs added often
  • The ability to switch designs at anytime without losing your content
  • The ability to add, edit, or delete text on your site at any time, including hyperlinks
  • An editor that lets you upload images, videos, or other files to any page
  • A fully customizable menu structure where you can add as many subpages as you need
  • Free hosting for as long as you’d like under our domain (DesignYour.org/Example) with the option to point your URL
  • CSS code included to ensure your site’s design always looks as good as the day it launched
  • A 25% discount off any custom development services from 352 Media Group, for your organization for when you’re ready to take your site to the next level