Girls to Young Ladies, Inc is dedicated to empowering and supporting young girls.

Girls to Young Ladies

Girls to Young Ladies, Inc is dedicated to empowering and supporting girls as they transition into womanhood.


Our mission is to provide educational, cultural, social, and recreational activities to help enable young girls to overcome negative challenges encountered in life while strengthening their minds through mentoring and academic assistance.

This organization was created to give girls between the ages of 6-17 a safe space to gain knowledge and exposure in areas such as:
  • spiritual development 
  • academic achievement
  •  health & fitness
  •  financial & career planning
  •  community service 
We believe that maintaining high self esteem, pride, dedication to self, family and community, are keys to the development of strong, well grounded and empowered women.

The girls are introduced to information and experiences that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience, such as trips to theatrical plays, gospel concerts, teen conferences, informational workshops, and various colleges/universities near and afar. Workshops offered: It’s All About Me; My Body, My Business; Me and My Pocketbook; BFF-Tools for Choosing Best Friends; and many more.


Areas of need: Volunteer needed for tutoring in all subjects


Reshone Flanders phone: (352) 745-6200; f:(352)505-6133

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