Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Click the green button to the left that says APPLY NOW. You will have to fill out a little bit about yourself, since we do need to make sure you are a legitimate non-profit. Once you’ve filled out the questions and told us about your organization, we will review your application. We will then send you the go ahead or ask for more information.

What if I don’t have a Federal Tax ID?

That’s ok. We understand that not every organization, like school groups and philanthropic arms of for-profit, do not have a Federal Tax ID.

I have little Web and programming experience; will I be able to use the site?

Of course! The DesignYour.Org system is simple and works kind of like Microsoft Word. The site is controlled through a WYSIWG (what you see is what you get) editor, so you see what your site looks like before it goes live. If you do know HTML, you can also make changes through an HTML editor within the CMS.

Do all the sites look-a-like?

There are a handful of basic layouts for everyone to choose from; however we do allow for individuality. We are always adding new design templates, and it is up to you how many pages, text, photos, documents and other information to add.

Are there any hidden fees or charges?

Nope. As far as our site builder goes, you are getting everything we promised for the price we said. And, yes, that is free.

Is a DesignYour.Org site any better than other template sites?

Yes, DesignYour.Org is a big step up from cookie-cutter template sites you’d be paying for or ad-laden sites you’d get for free. Our system is simple and a great way to build an online presence to be proud of.

Can I change my DesignYour.Org once the site has gone live?

You can change your DesignYour.Org whenever and however you’d like. If you’re bored with the site you first created, you can take it off line and revamp it. When you are done, just make it live again and voilà a changed site. You can also change your selected design template on the fly, allowing you to change your site daily, though we're not sure why you'd want to do that!

Do I have to take my DesignYour.Org off line in order to add, subtract or make changes?

No, it is up to you whether your site is online or offline. It is possible to make changes either way.

What if I want to take my site to the next level?

If you’re ready to move from a template site to one we create for you, just let us know. If you have already created a DesignYour.Org, you will receive a 25% discount as well.

What does a live site mean?

Live simply means people can view your website, as opposed to offline which keeps it hidden from visitors.

What if I have questions?

Though DesignYour.Org is a site builder, we are still here for any questions or concerns you may come across. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a problem.

How can site visitors donate money?

We recommend using a pay pal account, which is simple and needs no programming skills. PayPal is ideal for accepting either international or domestic donations. The standard payment plan has users pay a low fixed percentage and a low transaction fee (once you start receiving money) with no monthly or hidden charges. Creating an account and your payment options are easy. PayPal will supply a button and the corresponding code for you that you will then just embed into your website. It would be just like adding a video, except you are allowing a payment processing option.

What will my domain name be?

When you apply for your site, you are asked to specify an account name. This name will be used to create your domain name. If, for example, you pick "352 Media Group," your domain name would be It is important that you only use letters and numbers in your account name. Otherwise the site may not work properly. The system will automatically add hyphens in the domain name in place of spaces. If you'd prefer not to have hyphens, simply state the account name in the format "352MediaGroup." That would show up as Once you've picked your name, you won't be able to change it, so choose wisely!

What if we already have a domain name registered?

That will work too. It will just take some changes from the company you registered your domain name with, ie,, etc. Each company handles the process differently, so we can't provide specific instructions. You simply need to request the registrar to point the DNS to the domain we've assigned. So, using as an example, you would contact the company you used to register and ask them to point the DNS to